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We have released a standalone package with the BloodsPilot SDL client. It works on Linux (pre-packaged for Debian 32bit and Debian 64bit), Windows (Vista, 7, XP), Mac OS X 64bit (tested on 10.6.8). There is also the good old source tarball. Enjoy!

Everyone is encouraged also to visit our forum. If you have a problem with the client or just want to make a suggestion, go ahead, register and tell us.

If you are new, please check out our newbie guide.


After numerous refinements, XPilot fxi server v1.4.6 has been released. It is mostly a cleanup and bugfix release, however a few new features have been added as well, among other:

Fetch the source code in the Download section.


A forum has been launched to facilitate discussions among the players and developers. The organization of subforums might change as people start posting.


Released BloodsPilot server version 1.4.3. Functionally, it contains several bugfixes. The source code has been through major cleanups though. Grab the tarball in 'Download' section!


A nice fellow calling himself pitillo has made a port of BloodsPilot for the CRUX distro.


BloodsPilot "xpilot fxi" server version 1.4.2 released. This release fixes a few bugs: ships now recoil when shooting and lock banks can again be reprogrammed. In addition the view tremor that appeared when someone was joining the game should be gone.


Added Blood's Music Newbie Guide by player Angeba Mekelt.


BloodsPilot Clients version 1.4.0 released. This release merges into the 1.3.7 BloodsPilot client a lot of features from the latest XPilot NG client. In addition it has some bug fixes and new features. Our Client page describes how to get started playing with it.

New links page.


BloodsPilot brings xpilot to the future: it features flicker free updates while preserving the classic xpilot gameplay and playability.

When I play fxi, the novelty of this "reliving the past" thing is great. It's like "wow, this is just like the old days" and the bugs, though I know they're there ... simply don't do much to diminish my fun.

-- Ben Armstrong a.k.a. Fishy a.k.a. SynrG

Origin: XPilot

BloodsPilot has evolved from XPilot. Below is a description of XPilot by its original developers:

XPilot was conceived in its original form at the University of Tromsø (Norway) by Ken Ronny Schouten and Bjørn Stabell during the fall of 1991, but much of the game today is the result of hard efforts by Bert Gijsbers of the molecular cytology lab at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Bert joined the team in the spring of 1993. Dick Balaska (Connecticut, USA) ported XPilot to Windows 95 and NT in the summer of 1996. A large number of features have been contributed by XPilot fans from all around the world.

XPilot is a multi-player 2D space game. Some features are borrowed from classics like the Atari coin-ups Asteroids and Gravitar, and the home-computer games Thrust (Commodore 64) and Gravity Force, but XPilot has many new features as well.

The primary goal of the game is to collect points and increase your rating by destroying enemy fighters and cannons. You are equipped with a machine gun when you start the game, but after a while you should have managed to collect some other fancy equipment.

Another important task is to refuel your ship. This is vital because your engine, radar, weapons and shields all require fuel. Some even work better the more fuel you have aboard (mainly the radar).

Optional modes include variations on this game play: you can play together in teams, you can disable shields (and all other equipment if you like), you can race against time and fellow players, and much much more.

For people interested in early XPilot history, we also recommend The Story of XPilot, written by the original XPilot developers.

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New SuperFXI Server page and improved Client page.


BloodsPilot "xpilot fxi" server version 1.4.1 released. Features smaller frame update packets, improvements related to team swapping, game joining and pausing and some other fixes. Enjoy!


Improved the BloodsPilot Replay page. Added links on the replay page to some example game recodings.


Fxi server version 1.4.0 released. Features ships that don't get stuck in walls and lossless turning near walls, which enables better near-wall fighting.


New web pages.