BloodsPilot Replay

When playing, you can make a recording of the game for later viewing. BloodsPilot uses the XPilot recording format, XPR. To view such files, you need a replay program. In BloodsPilot, the name of this program is bloodspilot-replay.

Replay on GNU/Linux and Unix

Installing the replay program

The bloodspilot-replay program is part of the BloodsPilot Client distribution. To install the replay program, download the client distribution, and follow the generic BloodsPilot Install page.

Viewing recordings

To view recordings, run the replay program with the recording file as argument:
bloodspilot-replay xpr-file
for example:
bloodspilot-replay 1vs2.xpr.gz

Example recordings

You can view some recordings in the Recordings section.

Making own game recordings

When you have connected to a server using BloodsPilot Client (X11), version 1.4.0 or later, you can toggle recording on or off by pressing the F12 button on the keyboard. The recording will be saved as bloodspilot.xpr. If you want to keep the recording you should rename it to make sure it is not overwritten the next time you record. Optionally, you can compress it using e.g. gzip. BloodsPilot Replay can replay files compressed using gzip or bzip2.