BloodsPilot SuperFXI Server

What is it

The SuperFXI server is an xpilot server that aims to be backwards compatible in all respects (including item map support) with the XPilot 4.5.4 server.

We aim to fix known bugs, e.g. bugs that can cause the server to crash. In addition, we intend to add more recent developments, for example, a flicker free high FPS view like in the FXI Server, some support for XP2 (polygon) maps and improved client-server communication. The SuperFXI name was chosen because the server provides a superset of the functionality of the FXI server.


We have not yet made a release of this, but we intend to release version 1.0.0 in early 2008. Version 1.0.0 will have many important bug fixes, and possibly the high FPS view. Development snapshots can be checked out using CVS. The links page has a link for viewing the SuperFXI source code using a WWW browser.